1. i don’t even know how i’m awake right now

  2. Anonymous asked: dude yes, STEAK. I thought about being vegetarian and then i'm like the fuck would i get at chipotle? jesus christ. What's your favorite show (one that you watch incessantly and never get tired of?)

    There’s a difference between my favorite show and shows I watch incessantly.  I watch Parks and Rec and It’s Always Sunny incessantly but I’d probably consider Breaking Bad and LOST to be my favorite shows.

  3. Album Art

    O Pioneers!!! | Enemies On Speed Dial

  4. Anonymous asked: not yet though so what's your favorite, favorite food? I'm curious.

    I eat pizza like a pop-punk kid who just came out swinging, but if you give me a nice big steak cooked just right I’m going to be feeling pretty awesome in my life (sorry vegans/vegitarians) 

  5. Anonymous asked: i swear I'll forget to click anonymous sometime soon and it'll be super awkward, hahahaha

    Well fine then

  6. Anonymous asked: well, fuck. let's just say it's someone who thinks you're cool and sexy as shit, even when you don't think so.

    Well, damn.

  7. Anonymous asked: not even the slightest idea? ;)

    No. hahaha

  8. Anonymous asked: i'm sure you've already figured out who this is, anyway :)

    not a clue

  9. arrthouse:

    The best show ever.

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